About St. Lawrence Pre-School

St Lawrence Pre-School is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status, run from a multi-purpose building, the pre-school uses the main hall, a small room and has access to a fully fitted kitchen and its own outdoor play area.

We are a predominantly Christian Pre-School that has an awareness of and celebrates other faiths and festivals.

The Setting…


Small Room

This is our Tiger room, children aged 2 to 2years 9 months play in this room. We have a creative area, construction and small world area, role-play area and book corner/quiet area.

Main Hall

This is our jungle room, where the children aged 2 years 9 months or older play.

The area is split into different “areas of learning” e.g. a construction area, creative area and role play area etc. Many of these areas have free-choice resources so children can choose what they play with, which encourages confidence and independence.

Outside Space

Outside is a generously sized, enclosed play area with soft tarmac surfacing and an outdoor shelter, which enables us to go outdoors to play in all weathers. We have a playhouse, kitchen and slide permanently with many other toys available daily for the children to play with. The Pre-School also has its own mini garden, and feeds the visiting birds to encourage children’s understanding of their natural environment. We also have a large sand pit area which all the children are able to sit and play in, during summer months.

Staff members enhance children’s learning by encouraging critical thinking and questioning the children whilst they play.

We have great links to the community and regularly go for walks into the local area, have visits from people who live and work in the community and volunteer helpers who come and play with us.

Meet the Team…

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